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3D Car Cake


3D Car Cake

3D Car Pineapple Cake(2kgs) Price: Rs.1700
Price: $25
3D Car Blackforest Cake(2kgs) Price: Rs.1900
Price: $27.94
3D Car Truffle Cake(2kgs) Price: Rs.2000
Price: $29.41
3D Car Chocolate Flakes Cake(2kgs) Price: Rs.1900
Price: $27.94
3D Car Chocolate Flakes Cake (3 kgs) Price: Rs.2800
Price: $41.18
3D car pineaaple eggless (2kgs) Price: Rs.1700
Price: $25
3D car pineapple cake (3 kgs) Price: Rs.2500
Price: $36.76
Price: $43.38

Process time 24 hours Delivery Time:11 a.m-9.30 p.m (order time 6hrs advance)

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Red Heart(15 :
Beautiful heart
Price: Rs. 300
Price: $4.41
Big Cap (1 unit):
Big Cap (1 unit)
Price: Rs. 50
Price: $0.74
Single Rose:
Single Rose
Price: Rs. 50
Price: $0.74
Small Birthday card(9" x 5" approx):
Small Birthday card(9" x 5" approx)
Price: Rs. 60
Price: $0.88
Happy Birthday Mug (Enjoy Your Birthday):

Price: Rs. 199
Price: $2.93
10 Roses:
Colour can be changed on request.
Price: Rs. 425
Price: $6.25
Magic Candles:

Price: Rs. 35
Price: $0.51
Ferrero Rocher (16 pcs):

Price: Rs. 490
Price: $7.21
Music Candle:

Price: Rs. 90
Price: $1.32
Red roses in heart shape arrangement:

Price: Rs. 1350
Price: $19.85
Party Popper (30 cm):

Price: Rs. 60
Price: $0.88